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 Vroom Vroom (cont.)

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PostSubject: Vroom Vroom (cont.)   Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:47 am


"I'm so happy," he hummed, headlights flickering. "I was afraid I was too... much."

"You would never be too much for her, pal. She's a tough human after all."

I turned to see Unit 49 walk out of the shadows of the main garage; an innocent smile plastered on his face.

"Neal!" I happily cheered, running up to him and giving him a tight hug. He embraced me in return. "You're the one who moved his body like that and did the lights!"

"Yeeep, it's my job as his Best Man." He winked to me before looking up to the car with a nod. "How are you, kiddo?" He asked shortly after his remark, patting me on the back.

"Er... someone get me back into my body? Please? Soon, preferably, so I can hold my new fiance." Unit 56 broke out, a small pinch of joy in his words.

I was breathless at his words.

- - -

With Unit 56 back in his body, the three of us all sat around an in-ground burn barrel that was located behind the garage.

Being snuggled with him wrapped up in a blanket felt different than it would have a few months ago. But... it's a good kind of different. 
This robot was soon to be mine forever by vow. And I, his.

"So, Neal, how was your visit with Chance?" I started with a smile, excited to hear how my favorite little boyfriend of a robot friend was.

"Oh, he's great. A junior in high school now... he's got mostly B's and one C. He's not being bullied anymore either, and has made quite a few friends. I'm almost jealous." 
Neal was beaming... it seemed as though he could talk about his little human boy forever.

"Awe, Neal I'm so glad to hear!" I smiled.
"Damn you sound like such a dad-" I jabbed Unit 56 in his ribs hard, "What? You know it's true!"
I simply shook my head. "He cares deeply."

"It's fine, Kell," Neal had a dirty smile inching onto his features as he returned Unit 56's glare. "He does call me 'Daddy' in some aspects-"

"Ew! Neal! I didn't want to know that!" I covered my ears and shook my head, trying to delete what I had just heard.
Unit 56 on the other hand, cooed and high-fived him. No matter the sexuality or species, ...men are men.

I noticed after a few minutes Neal would glance at Unit 56 and his facial features would vary from an eyebrow furrowing to both eyeballs rolling.
I couldn't help but feel Unit 56 was giving him some sort of signal or cue.

"Whelp," Neal suddenly spat, interrupting my thought. He slapped his knees as he stood, "I should be off."

A dirty trick inhabited my mind. "Awe, so soon Neal? You should stay a little longer." I could feel Unit 56 stiffen next to me and I tried my best to not laugh. 

With a second-guessed glance, Neal must have been confirmed again because he fixed his suit and started to stroll to the front. "Thanks for the invite but I really have some, uh, matters to attend to."

'Uh'? Was he even a robot anymore? These guys turned more human-like than any nonhuman I ever knew.

"But Neal-" A hand snaked down my front, hidden by the blanket and slipped into my pants. "Oh- you know... it... it was nice seeing you again! Ngh, don't be a stranger!"

He simply smiled and nodded, walking off.

- - -

"You brute. ...Oh!..." I tried to be mad but I found it difficult when he knew exactly where to poke.
"I know... I know." He murmured, brushing his lips under my chin and dragging a tongue up my neck.
"Fif... Fifty Six... what am I going to do with you... for the rest of my- AH!"

Suddenly I was turned and straddling his lap. He continued to prod at me as he pulled me closer to him, nosing my neck. "Not sure, forever's quite a long time." He whispered against my skin, giving a little playful bite. 

"You know there's no such thing." I shuddered, hating to remind him of my lack of being of immortal like him. He poked deeper.

"Who's stopping us?" He removed my shirt and I grunted when he grabbed at my bra, so he left it alone.

"A little something called Time maybe?"
"That doesn't exist anymore."
"...Ah!..." He wrapped the blanket tighter around us and forced my neck up to suck on it with a somewhat cold tongue. "Fuck me!" I cried as he rubbed my bundle, panting against the side of his face.

He pulled out his fingers and quickly readjusted me, pulling my shorts off with ease. Next came my underwear. Then his. I could feel his pumping erection against my stomach and I whimpered as he picked me up and lowered me onto him. "My beautiful soon to be bride," he mumbled against my chin, kissing it sensually.

Ah... Fif... Fifty Six... fill me..." I knew talking dirty wasn't my division, but he drove me far up a wall I couldn't help it.

He released his grip on me and let gravity take it's place; I cried out. And then his rolling hips created a rhythm and my head to his shoulder to breathe him in. "Oh, babe," I never use love-names, but it kind of rushed out from how nice it felt to have him so... with me. "B- ah! Ah...!"
Each buck of his hips were spontaneous and my mind couldn't keep up with it; only sending sharp spikes of pleasure to make me gasp. "P-Please-"

"Please what?" He bucked harder; his voice serious.
"C-Can you-" My moan interrupted me.
"I can. Just use your words..." He whispered, voice thick with lust. "I would do anything for you, no one else."
"P-Please! F-Faster!"
"Of course, my Love." And without any side remarks a rough desperate palm gripped my hip while the other clasped my shoulder; and then he rammed into me with a speed I never would have ever knew he was even capable of.

I'm not sure what color came first: white or black. But the feeling was wonderful and everything in the was gone except for this immense pleasure and the dying echo of my cry. Warm liquid filled me and I shook uncontrollably before falling apart. My lids opened to see I was leaning my head against his shoulder. 

Silence followed and we didn't speak at all for the rest of the night.
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Vroom Vroom (cont.)
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