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 This is how you start a war

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PostSubject: This is how you start a war   This is how you start a war I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 8:05 pm

"Are you sure about this? The black and white dog looked to his friend at the edge of the river. "I'd feel better being by your side during this."
"No Pollum. I need you to lead the other team." The alpha nodded grimly. "You're the only one I can trust to bring her back alive. You know the call." He pulled his beta close and pressed their foreheads together.
Backing away he barked to the warriors behind him. All but three ran on into the night with the moon lighting their path. Pollum and his team took off not a moment later. Their path followed the others, but the destination was another matter. They would enter the kings keep.
The alpha made no attempts to hide their approach. His pack bayed their arrival. They were well met with guards out in full force. It seems the dogs interrupted something special to receive such a welcoming. The path was teaming with hissing and spitting cats. The snapping, snarling pack charged their defense line.

Polum crept through the darkness between the houses. The battle sounds raged, echoed by the screams of the frightened jostling for safety. The air was thick with their fear. They were unmet by any guard as they made their way to the heart of the town. Their goal was a large, ornate home where only a few select guards stood uneasy.
The beta nodded to his comrade, Arowan, who stood and took aim. The arrow flew and struck the nearest dumb. The other ran forward to drag the body out of sight as another arrow landed shaft deep in a window sill. A cord dangled unnoticed through the chaos.
Paw over paw, Polum pulled himself up the wall and into the small fortress. No one was in the room as they edged toward the door. Careful not to disturb the old floor boards, he peered outside the door. A cat stood armed outside of a door at the end of the hall.
"We can take him." One said.
"And disturb the whole building." The archer shook her head. "We could climb up to the roof and enter through the window."
Polum mused it over and made for the window. "She's right, Darruk. We don't know if the halls are being patrolled. I'm going with Arowan on this." It wasn't a hard climb to the roof, but the steep sloping tiles proved hard to transverse. She would have fallen helping her friend steady himself if Polum hadn't caught them.
Progress was slow. They crept carefully along the edge knowing falling would bring them crashing down two stories into well-armed sentinels. Panic choked the beta as he flung against the roof as a traitorous shingle gave way and crashed to the ground. His white coat would have given him away in the darkness.
He waited for the darker, Darruk, to signal the coast was clear. The moments ticked by. Lives were riding on them finding the right room. Finally he waved and Polum rose. His limbs shook as he lowered himself to the window. He clung to the sill, barely holding on as Arowan lowered herself above him. Using him as support, she worked the latch of the window with the head of her bolt. The click as inaudible, but it echoed their ears. Swinging the panes open, she slipped in, followed by the boys.
Two females sat on a bed, held in silence by a taut bowstring. "Where is your princess?" She asked with a hushed snarl.
One made to stand and didn't falter at the attention she drew. "I'm right here."
"Tilly no!" Darruk lunged. Polum grasped at his arms as the dark canine tried to silence the unneeded participant.
"Release her." His claws dug in as he pulled the female from his counterpart.
"We don't need her calling the guards," He growled back pointing as the one called Tilly held her friend protectively close.
"She won't. Lily, it will be ok. Just- stay calm." She looked up at the three. Polum has motioned for the archer to lower her bow, the dark assailant licked his arm and then there was him.
Polum kneeled beside them and pulled Tilly away, drawing tears from her friend. "Are you really the Kings daughter?" Almost in tears herself, she nodded. "Both of you stay quiet, or I will let him do what he does best." He nodded toward Darruk, who smiled darkly.
Motioning for the two to clear their exit, he tied the princess's hands together and looped them around his neck.

Kolter stood back to back with a red husky. "It's no good, we didn't bring enough of the pack!" She called to him as she slashed at the encroaching cats.
"This isn't a battle, we just need to hold out long enough!" He snarled, snapping his jaws at the one he locked blades with. A long clear howl rose above the crusade. It was built upon as others joined the note. Ears perked, Kolter called the retreat. "Tell Your King We Will Return What We Borrowed In Return For His Answer In Spring!" He shouted as the dogs fell back into the forest. The withdrawal was met with cheers and pot shots of arrows following in their wake.
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I'm going to do it! I'm going to write! Oh look a bug

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PostSubject: Re: This is how you start a war   This is how you start a war I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 9:00 pm

Muzzled, blindfolded, the cat clung terrorfied to the dogs back. The near constant growls at her left drove her to seek solace on his right shoulder, hiding away from the hostility of her captors. She felt a hand on her shoulder that slid down her back to brace her as they ran. There was shouting then silence.
The shelter of the forest engulfed them. Decaying leaves masked their scent as they escaped. Polum could feel the fur rise on his burden as Durrak dropped back to howl their missions completion. He ran with arms twisted behind to hold her up off his throat. Only once they reached the river did he stop. Wading into the river, she panicked kicking out at the sound of the wet gurgling. "It's Okay." He growled at her. Pulling her legs up on his waist, he crossed with hardly a drop on her.
She clenched him in her legs, fear drawing a whine from her. "Go open the way." He called to his companions as he walked steadily on. There was no change in his pace as he walked through the doorway, down the passages past the curious onlookers. Murmurs and voices rose at the sight of her.
Cautiously, he sat down on the edge of a bed in a room selected for her. He was careful in untangling himself from her clinging limbs. Pulling the bindings off, he revealed a small, circular chamber. Light by a candle, Tilly could see a single door, a bed covered in fur, and a small table bearing a plate of food and a bowl of water. Beside the door a dog stood smiling at her captor. "I was worried."
"Thought I wouldn't make it back?" His voice sounded tired.
"I have faith in you. Darruk is reckless." She crossed the room in a few quick steps and hugged him. She covered his face in several tender licks before shoving him to the door. "Go lay with the pups. I will watch her first."
The door swung shut with a clatter against the stone wall. Her guard turned after his bark scattered the inquiring and the footsteps had faded. "Are you alright, dear?" The warm smile failed to fade from her, even as she looked upon the cowering feline. "You don't need to be frightened, Alpha hand picked your guards. No one will hurt you. I'm Ighla." 
She sat on the bed, head tilted at her charge. Slowly her fur lay flat as she worked up the courage to return to the edge of the bed. "Why am I here? Why did he take me? What's going to happen to me?" The questions flooded from her in a voice higher than she would have liked.
A small laugh escaped Ighla as she reached a hand out to her. Tilly shrunk away, but the paw on her shoulder. It was soft. "So you do have a voice. That was my mate. Beta Polum was tasked to bring you here safely. Alpha wants to talk to you, about peace, in the morning. Get some sleep dear."
"Tilly. My names Tilly." She called as Ighla rose for the door.
Her smile brightened. "Get some sleep, Tilly. I'll be outside the door if you need anything."

She was roused by a small clatter and the smell of hot food. A dog with wild spots looked up as she started to move and hurriedly set out the meal. Gathering up the dishes from last night, he fled the room. Nose twitching, she eyes the table. Strips of meat, dried fruit, and a bowl of creamy white liquid were set out. A growl from her stomach was more than enough encouragement. 
Not long after the plate was cleared, Polum appeared at the door. "Tilly? Alpha wants you in The Hall."
"And if I refuse?" She sat stubbornly in the bed.
Polum laughed and folded his arms in the doorway. "Then I'll have to carry you again, won't I?" Reluctantly she rose and followed him out into the corridor. It was a web of passageways that branched off into far reaches. Many were lined with similar wooden doors, while others were covered with a thin layer of hide. The open archways showed the clips of the inhabitants. Families were waking up to the crying of newborn pups. Young were washed by their mothers. Only a few pulled their children close or else, closed their rooms off as Tilly passed by.
She was certain she would have gotten herself lost if Polum wasn't leading the way. The passage sloped upward before opening into a huge cavern. The ceiling rose in a high dome enlightened with cracks letting in the weak sun. Aqueducts were set up as rain catchers just below the fissures, heavily entangled by encroaching roots.
No wonder her father never found their den in the mountains. It was the mountain. There were so many dogs already The Hall that she felt very small under their gaze. "Don't let your fear show." Polum placed his paw on her shoulder to urge her forward. 
"I'm not scared." She said quietly as she strode forward, her head held high. Though she walked confidently with the dog at her side, her tail twitched with nerves.
A red husky looked up as a hush fell over the usual hum of conversation. She nudged her twin who lay by her side. "Kolter isn't up yet." "He was up all night with the wounded." Her brother chimed in just as she finished. The sister looked at Tilly and tapped her paw on the furred floor as Polum sat down. 
The cat followed suit and looked around. There was islands of fur strewn across the cavern which the dogs lounged on. No one was really paying attention to her once she settled down, save for one. He was staring daggers at her. It unsettled her.
Polum followed her gaze and growled. Far from an invitation, it stirred her observer. He crossed the cavern to them, never breaking his stare. "You know you aren't allowed over here, Alpine." Polum threatened, his voice rumbled.
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PostSubject: Re: This is how you start a war   This is how you start a war I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 2:40 am

"I just wanted to see the one my brothers and sisters died so you could bring here." He sat defiantly in front of Tilly. "You should have killed the King, not brought his Kit here."
"Well I am here, and I would appreciate it if you don't talk about my father that way." She felt proud of herself. It was blatant she had caught him off guard. "If your leader wants peace-"
"Peace! You don't know even know why you're here." Alpine snapped.
The fur on her back rose. "Alpine, you don't need to bring up the past. She isn't responsible for the Kings actions." Her brother sat up with a sigh. "Besides, it's still a tender subject for most."
"It's fine Sett. We won't forget why the Waterfall ran Red, but Rise is right. We can't blame Tilly. She didn't order the attack, nor did she fight in it." Polum spoke up. A whine edged his voice. He was staring off at the entrance where Ighla was entering with two pups in her arms.
There was a thump that startled the cat and drew Polum out of his trance. Rise as shoved her brother back into the furs. "If she wants to hear it fine, but Alpine shouldn't tell it." She glared at the speckled dog who did nothing to hide his loathing toward Tilly.
"Will you tell it then?" Tilly asked, more timid than she intended.
The red fur lay flat on her shoulders as she nodded. With an inquiring look to Polum, she began:

We shepherd the sheep and goats on the other side of the mountain when the leaves grow and change. The herds let us milk and shear them but we don't hunt them. There is just too few. Thats why we hunt the deer or elk in the valley. The alpha at the time was the one who noticed your people have your own herd and ignore the migrating ones. Since then we've hunted in the summer.
We were attacked one outing. His mate, she fell to a feline's sword. We've been fighting ever since. 

It was this Spring we refer to as the time of the Red Waterfall. It was such a cold winter. The pups grew so fluffy. It's always been a tradition to bring the young to the waterfall to shed their coats. I remember playing there with Sett. We didn't even know we were being tricked into a bath!

We didn't know there was a trick that time either. The ice had just cleared. The water was warm enough for even the youngest sucklers. There was an ambush waiting for the families. As the sun was high, the first arrow fell. So many died...

Rise faltered. A distant look overcame her as she stared at the red fur on the back of her paws. Sett sat up and wrapped an arm around his sister. "The babes and parents were defenseless. The attackers didn't get away easily though." He looked to Polum, whose paws were balled into fists.
"The water was stained red with blood from both sides. It's why your kind tell stories about me to frighten your kits." A voice from behind Tilly sounded. She looked up surprised. A large, brown dog stood with a hollowed look to his eyes. A snarl was fixed on his muzzle as if he were reliving the skirmish. "I ripped out the throat of the archer. His friend tried to tear me off, but I tore through him." There was a dark sneer that grew on Alpine that unsettled her. 
Kolter placed a hand on his beta's shoulder. "Do you mind if we talk later? I... need to see Ighla. Polum?" The Beta nodded dumbly. As if just noticing him,  the thunder in his words could shake the room. "This is the Beta area Alpine. When I return, I want you gone." Ushering his friend, they walked through the island of bodies.
"But... what happened?" Tilly looked from the Twins to the two leaving. She knew she was missing some crucial information.
"Tsk." Alpine snorted at their back as he fixed his stare once more on the feline. "He cleaved apart the archers that took out his mate and Polum's son. With his Fangs." The dismay showed clearly on Tilly's face. "Oh thats no myth. If we can't reach you with arrows, or blade. Teeth are the next best thing." He laughed even as Sett started to growl. Huffing more air to appear unphased. "But we got our revenge." 
"Thats enough." Sett bared his teeth.
"A house burned for every life lost. Kolter let fly the first arrow." The husky lunged with a snarl but Alpine was already running away to the far side of the cavern.
Tilly felt herself shrank under the weight of what she just learned. No wonder so many scowled at her, else made as if she wasn't even there. Rise, sensing her despair, pulled her close. "Come on, let's get you to your room. Kolter doesn't look like he is ready to talk today."
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PostSubject: Re: This is how you start a war   This is how you start a war I_icon_minitime

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This is how you start a war
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