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 A Forgotten Empire & The Searat

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PostSubject: A Forgotten Empire & The Searat   Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:24 pm

"Come stay with me at a beach side condo he said," Kelly mocked, duffle bag slung over her chest and bumping her side as she walked down a popular pier in Clearwater that had been cleared off for 'construction'. "It'd be fun he said," she added with a scowl, approaching the very end of the dock. "It's not a vacation if we're literally right next to your workplace you know!" She yelled at the ocean, scanning its surface. She was a bit ticked that her robot companion didn't meet her by their hotel lobby or at a bus stop. No, he was running 'late', which was weird for a usually organized robot, and she had to pick him up from one of his submarines.

"Where are you?" She whispers to herself, before realizing she needs to ring him. She turns and approaches one of the pier's wooden columns, pushes a nail in, in which a passcode pad opens up. "Then with your horrible password," she mumbles, punching in '1', '2', '3' then '4'.

Within a minute bubbles arise with the familiar dark gray metallic surface and Unit 56 climbs out ...in cliche vacation clothes. "Hello!" He calls out with an optimistic attitude that's definitely uncommon.

"I asked why you picked a condo by your workplace!"

"When?" He asked confused, walking onto the pier and ordering his ship to sink back down, hiding the passcode pad.

"Like a second ago."

"Sound can't travel through water because-"

"Yeah I know," she puffs, hugging onto him. "Hard to stay mad at you when I only get to see you once in a blue moon."

"I'm sorry, someone has been sinking some of my cargo shipments again."


"I'd like to think so, there's no other artificial intelligence advanced enough that can do such a thing that isn't under my control."

"Huh, true."

Hand in hand they walked to the human's car, where they would try to enjoy a week together in their rented condo by the nearby beach.

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PostSubject: Re: A Forgotten Empire & The Searat   Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:50 pm

"Hello? Yeah, I just left ship yard." Tony walked onto a well populated board walk. With his tie-less suit, he stood out in the crowd. "I downloaded all the reports about the shipping containers."
"Yeah, their records say the same thing as the other Captains." He nodded to no one in particular. "Raided at sea."
"How did I get in?" He stopped and looked around, trying to find the street. "I opened the door."
Pulling the phone away, Tony ignored the lecture about Breaking and Entering. He instead used the free ear to detect traffic. "It was an easy code! They need a better lock." He set off again. "No the file won't hurt me. We're better now. Tell me about the boys."
He waved for a taxi. As he waited, the voice on the other end explained an argument between the two youngest over the crane.
"The magnet didn't hurt them? Good. They should know better, next time." But he said it with a smile as he opened the door and sat down. His tie fell out of his jacket pocket. The bot hastily replaced it as he blurted out an address.
"Yes, I'm wearing the tie. Look we'll talk more when I get to my room."

It was a popular hotel driveway the taxi pulled into. There were other people idling in the lobby, but two in particular caught his sensors.

Human and female. No immediate threats detected on her, but her phone was tagged. He held his phone as if avoiding a glare to see if the tracker worked. Her friend was another matter.
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the only D you're getting is a Duel!

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PostSubject: Re: A Forgotten Empire & The Searat   Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:15 am

Approaching the entrance way, Kelly heard the faintest of noises, similar to that of a radio trying to be tuned. Her eyebrows automatically narrowed, and she turned around to see her bot with a nervous smile, right eye shaking with black and limegreen binary code, which mean he "had a call". He raised a finger and walked the other way, leaving [c] a huffing human behind. She rolled her eyes, equipped her backpack and picked up her briefcase, walking into the nice hotel. She was able to look around and admire the ceiling art - how Unit 56 afforded a place like this, she'd ask about later. She approached the service test, rocking back and forth on feet and waiting for someone. With an [c] When an* older woman finally approached, Kelly asked for their room key while presented valid ID and was on her way to the elevator. Upon arriving to her suite bedroom with a nice view of the beach and outskirts of the city limits, a tourist's ideal image, she suddenly realized she was relishing this nice room alone. "I swear to god if your [c] call takes longer than ten minutes Fifty Six..." she mumbles to herself, entering the nice one bedroom and slapping her case on the bed, clicking it open -- unknowing that while the clicking sound entered her ears, it masked another noise: the sound of her door unlocking. [d]

Tony couldn't believe his luck. The female had walked off without the other bot. Maybe today was his lucky day, or maybe it was the tie in his pocket, he didn't know but he didn't waste the opportunity. Forgoing his own checkin, he could do it later, he followed suit to and in the elevators. His brown eyes waxed yellow as he bypassed the door [c] and stepped in, locking the door behind him. "That's not my number, but that does save me time asking who your friend is." [d]

Kelly was in the middle of unpacking her bathroom supplies when an unfamiliar voice made her jump in her spot, making her drop her things. She quickly turned to see an unfamiliar voice, a small pool of relief flooding over her that it wasn't Lance. She's never seen this problem before, and not one as confident and intelligent as the other [c] Master Units. She's used to the numb, zombie-like 'worker bees' in their SS looking uniform. This one wore casual wear and held himself like a human would. Never being introduced to this robot, Kelly squared her fist and shook with nervousness and anger, knowing that it's best to protect her robot at all costs. "I think [c] you've entered the wrong room." She said quietly, trying to make it obvious she didn't know he was another robot. Maybe she was lucky enough to be in the midsts of one that didn't have a body temp reader or a lie detector, for that fact. At least stall him long enough until Unit 56 could come in. [d]

Tony smiled and walked across the room to where she stood. The only metal object on her belongings were trivial, he had nothing to fear... until the Fifty Unit returned for her. Holding up his phone, showing the tracking program to her, his laugh almost sounded too human. "I think I've got the right room. Do you know what I am?" [c] Setting his briefcase on her bed, he stowed away his phone and looked around. He hoped for a moment his room would be similarly as nice. Eden picked too nice of a hotel... Thinking of her made his eyes tint black again, and subconsciously, he stooped to gather some of the things she dropped. -d-

She was unable to move while the enemy bot approached her; she'd have to guess because she didn't have to deal with real dangers like this since years ago when she was younger, during the war against Lance and Unit 56. Now that her bot has had the upperhand these past four years, she's let her guard down and accepted this new more joyous [c] normalcy. Though now she was fearing Unit 56 had a new challenge on his hands, whoever this robot was. When he showed her his phone, she let out a defeated sigh. Then this was someone after Unit 56. She wasn't really sure what to do... she almost didn't want the bot coming back in this case. With a sign, Kelly answered with [c] sigh*, Kelly answered with annoyance. "Unfortunately," she stayed put but never took her eyes off the other bot. "But if you're anything like Unit 48, assuming you know who he is, then you may want to leave the premises now." As small as she felt, she tried to sound as intimidating as she could. She noticed the bot had a distanced stare while [c] looking around her room, and at one point his eyes went completely black for a short moment, making a shiver run down her spine. The bot seemed conflicted, or not all himself -- is it possible he had some wiring damage that would give Unit 56 a fighting advantage? [d]

he tried to sound as intimidating as she could. She noticed the bot had a distanced stare while [c]
Arkady: looking around her room, and at one point his eyes went completely black for a short moment, making a shiver run down her spine. The bot seemed conflicted, or not all himself -- is it possible he had some wiring damage that would give Unit 56 a fighting advantage? [d]

It took longer than he liked to process what the female said. A Forty Unit was warring with the Fifty? "Tsk. I have enough tricks in my bag to handle any unit." Once. He still didn't like the idea of being caught between the two. His body was nowhere near as strong [c] as the standard that made both unit types famous in the south. Sure he could out maneuver them, (in anywhere but a tiny hotel room) or outfox them. Unless... his eyes wandered back to the room. Dropping the humans things on the bed, he walked past her to the window. "Seeing as your Fifty Six is still not here, are you going to make me leave?" [c] He waited a moment for her answer, but not really. "Because I really doubt that. Start with your name, then tell me why you two are here." He moved the curtain to see outside better. "Call me Tony. I don't tell humans my number." His voice trailed. [d]

'Dammit Fifty Six why do your phone calls have to be so long!? Where are you!?' Kel thought to herself nervously. "Okay, Tony," she says with a shaky inhale. "I guess I wouldn't mind telling you much about us if I knew who was asking. Why do you want to know? Why are YOU here? Obviously I'm unarmed, [c] I don't know about you... what's your intentions?" She asks, crossing her arms and sitting at the edge of the bed. Hopefully she'll have backup soon if things look like they're about to get messy. [d]
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PostSubject: Re: A Forgotten Empire & The Searat   

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A Forgotten Empire & The Searat
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