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 The Morning After

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PostSubject: The Morning After   The Morning After I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2015 4:27 am

He found arms wrapped around him in the darkness. He struggled in the tightening grip.
"I'm sorry."
"I don't know what for, but please, let go-"
"Let me talk!"
His voice pitched with emotion.
"Okay." Both their chest were quivering with an unsteady breathe between them. "Just, please, let go."
The struggles stopped, and the grip lessened.
"No. No, you'll run again."
"Haivus, you're drunk."
"Doesn't matter! I ... I still feel this way..."
It got very quiet then. He became aware he wasn't breathing anymore.
"What way?"
"I... I- Golden Goose, this is low."
His bleat dropped with impatience. "For Grimms sake, out with it!"
"I like you Edwin!" His voice pitched. "I can't stop thinking about that damn kiss! I can't close my eyes cause I see you bloody, laying there under that wolf. And you have the cheek to be angry at me for worrying?!"
He was starting to enclose the other again.
"Haivus." The same quick tone called out again. "Get off, Haivus."
"Why so you can tell me off? Am I to late now? Is that it?"
"No, you numb skull. you're hurting me!"
With that, Haivus backed up so fast he fell from the bed. Edwin sat up gingerly. He could feel something dripping down his back.
"I'm sorry for snapping." He said in a whisper. Gently turning around, "I'm fine, Haivus. Just bruised is all. You were-"
"I hurt you again..."
".... No? No, you didn't mean ta-"
"Of course I don't mean to, but I still do it."
Vaulting the bed, Edwin dropped in front of the sulking ram with a wince.
"Now you listen here."
There was no eye contact made.
He thumped his hand on the wall near the others head. With the other he turned his face. Once he locked eyes, he was not giving them up.
"Listen. You know I don't like to repeat myself."
Edwin held the strong jaw line tighter, until he felt it open from the pain.
He leaned in slowly, wanting Haivus to watch every second of it. The memory of before started to well up in his eyes. The look of disgust, the fear and anger that was once in those warm, dilated hazel eyes. They just held as much pain and fear as his own now.
He didn't think twice, Haivus just dived right in.
Darker now, much, much darker, the green eyes closed. Edwin mentally cursed himself as he slid easily enough onto the others lap. His hands trailed up into those brown waves and down rams strong chest.
A possessive noise sounded deep in his chest as he made to pull the grey sheep closer. But Edwin broke the kiss with a cry. "Ah! S-stop!"
"I'm sorry!" "Stop." "I didn't mean-"
Edwin cut him off with his lips. "Stop." He kissed him again. "Don't apologize for... wanting to touch me." He ended in a husky whisper.
"But!" A look silenced Haivus.
"I... It's been a very long time. I... It's almost a need, I need this. I need you, Haivus."
The ram nodded.
Edwin, a bit on weak knees, rose off his ram long enough to pull something off his nightstand.
"Your belt?"
Edwin took both of Haivus's hands and leaned forward. "Just because You can't touch me now, doesn't mean I can't touch you." He kissed him again, biting the others lip as he pulled the belt tight. "Can't risk wandering hands."
Haivus squirmed under the sheep. His hands bound behind him. A very pleasant pressure was on him, and moving just felt right. Before his brain fogged to much, he muttered shyly. "Never done it with a guy before."
Edwin, smiling, leaned in again. "I've never done it with a ram. Might never go baaaaack." He winked.
An awkward, little laugh rose in him. He didn't even notice his pants were unbuttoned, not until he was coxed to rise up a little. Edwin pulled them off simple enough.
Then it was his turn. Not since he sat back down, has his hips stopped moving. A deep blush had worked it's way onto his cheeks, mostly thanks to the alcohol from earlier.
Kneeling, he untied the string drawing his flannel trousers tight. While standing, he let them drop.
Ever eager, Haivus leaning forward, but Edwin caught him by the forehead. He scratched affectionately in his bangs.
"No. Afraid I wouldn't last long with that kind of treatment."
It made the rams smile return. "Not sure how well I'd do, anyway."
"Oh, well take notes then when I properly take care of you.." Before Haivus could ask, Edwin had already lowered himself. If he gave either of them a moment to think, the moment made by mixing drinks would vanish. Fingers wrapped tight, his tongue traced what ever skin was not covered. Slowly he worked, wanting to saver this inside him.
He could hear the leather creak under his moans. A soft thud as the ram threw his head back.
Haivus, voice throaty, got stuck on the E in sheep's name. He had felt a lack of contact, then his own eyes turned very green.
"Win." He breathed at the end of a very pleased moan.
Edwin, having the ram fully rooted, smiled. "Just wait until you come."
"Why wait?" Haivus was proud of his comeback. He lifted his hips experimentally in emphasis.
The sheep gasped.
"I'm fine!" His voice as tight. "Mother Goose, you didn't feel this big..." His spine shook, a tremor that even Haivus could feel.
"Take your time."
"Oh shut it." Edwin glanced up from where they were connected "Your ego is big enough."
"Which is bigger?"
Even though he could still feel himself trembling, Edwin slowly started moving. Not much faster than his hand. Eyes closed tight, he relished in his slow build. The rising threat, the fragile control he had on himself. He didn't want this pace forever, but he loved how it felt like forever.
Like he was slowly killing himself. Like he was holding back the holding back the hammer of a gun.
"Ed, please. I won't touch. Please."
He wasn't the only one dying of suspense.
"Hold my waist, then."
Edwin reached behind, and loosened the pin holding him back. Hands flew out to the sheep's hips. They lifted him near clean off. He could have coughed at the abandoned feeling if he hadn't choked on his words. As quick as he liked, Haivus filled the void.
Words close to worship rolled off his tongue and down Edwin's throat. They locked in such a heated kiss, stars appeared behind closed eyes.
Oxygen levels dropped, and they parted. Haivus found a delicious spot on the sheep's neck. His tongue lapped, he kissed and bit at the exposed flesh. A moan and nails digging into his shoulder were a just reward.
"Hai... Haiv-us. I ... can't."
"Cum for me." He found himself stroking the sheep. He wanted the others orgasm. Nothing could make him happier, than reading the subtle twitches in that flushed face. A soft hold, kneading around the base. His sounds were reaching new heights.
"Haivus!" Edwin fell forward, suddenly unsure if he was still very tense or very relaxed.
"Don't.. let go." He held the ram's wrist. "And don't stop. I... want you to..." His voice, already a whisper, trailed off.
Edwin felt himself clench with anticipation. Haivus was close. Trembling, he was so close. Just a little more.
And Edwin held him close. He ached for when they could be less frantic. Even as he returned the ram's groan with his own whine.

"I don't want to be friends."
"Friends don't get to do what we just did." Edwin gave him a knowing look.
"Oh... so are we...?"
"An Item? A Pair, A couple?" Edwin fluffed his pillow and placed it back on the bed.
Haivus had risen from near the foot and waited for the sheep to turn around. When he did, he pulled him close. His arms around the others waist.
"A kiss before bed then?"
He couldn't hide his smile. "Fine. Then go before I change my mind. I can't quite enjoy... a good after romp snuggle until I heal."
"I can wait."

"How's the tea?" Edwin called from the kitchen, where he was cleaning out the kettle.
A burp was his response. " 'Scuse me. Ugh. Never drinking again. It is helping the nausea. Thanks."
"Thank Nanners." The grey sheep entered the living area. "Her recipe. That reminds me. I need to get Admiral or Nanners to help with my bandages."
Haivus jumped off the couch. "Let me help... I... can help."
"Are you sure you-?" But Haivus was already nodding. So Edwin walked over, unbuttoning his shirt. He looked up to find the Ram was watching his hands work. Slowly revealing, what he will soon find, pale skin and even paler hair. Edwin didn't think there was much to him.
Haivus helped him pull his arms free of the sleeves. The start of the bandage took some time to find, and even longer to peel away. In some cases rip. He helped soak the pieces stuck to larger clumps of scab. Softening them enough to peel the cloth away. He helped apply the ointment, flinching every time Edwin did. Wanting to cry out every time the sheep did.
As Haivus tucked the last lap of the new wrap away, he lingered behind Edwin.
"Everything okay back there?"
It was Haivus's first time noticing the bruise on the others neck. It made him bold. His fingers trailed from deep stain, down the shoulder. Edwin shivered. He dipped forward and kissed the back of his neck.
Edwin gasped and pulled away.
"I'm sorry."
"Apologize for wanting to.... touch me again and I'll make you sorry." Edwin muttered under his breathe. He quickly pulled his shirt back on with obvious pain.
"What was that?"
"It's going to be a habit, isn't it?" The sheep almost looked cross. "Go lie on the sofa. Teto put out the 'Away' Sign."
"What's the away sign?" Haivus asked complying.
"Could mean 'We're away' or 'Go Away'. Either way, it means a day off." Edwin, hesitating, adds. "Meaning, I can actually take a nap."
"Meds kicking in?" Haivus wasn't complaining. Not as Edwin slowly laid down on top of him. Not as their arms wrap around each other. His hands resting on the sheep's backside.

A little while later, a Nanners will come up the stairs intending on helping Edwin with his bandages. Only to almost call out and wake up the sleeping sheep. Nanners then tells Admiral, who can't keep his mouth shut all to well and blabs Teto, who complains to Apostle, who of course share it with Ember. Which is how Nanners found out again and told the scrapper boys off for spreading it, and makes All of them swear to secrecy until the sheep are ready to tell them.
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The Morning After
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