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 Birthday Cop

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PostSubject: Birthday Cop   Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:23 am

Cold lips brushed over a warm forehead, planting a gentle yet firm kiss. "Happy birthday," they whispered, the bed creaking from an additional body accompanying a rested one. The tired human rolled over, facing the wall to abide by her mind's command for slumber.

"Thanks," she mumbled, pulling the blanket over her face. The robot had already entered from the other edge of the blanket, pressing his stomach along her back and branching out his arms through hers and wrapping them around her. He then buried his face in the arch of her neck. "How does it feel to be nineteen?" He whispered, tucking his knee between her legs. She merely offered a flinch and a huff of exhaustion. "Fifty Six..." She groaned, "I ain't nineteen yet. Fuck... what time is it?"

"It's 6:27 A.M."

"Ugh... why did you wake me up so early?"

"You looked so cute, I couldn't help it. ...Hey, I bet I can make you cum before it hits :30."

"Come to where?" She asked tiredly.

"You'll see."

He quickly snaked an arm around and went straight into her with two fingers, making her flinch again.


"Shh, your brother's next door."

"S...Six...! Ah...!"

He tucked his cheek in her neck and listened to her breathe, scissoring her clit with the tips of his fingers. Her toes spread, goosebumps formed and her breath cut short--she was already approaching from his perfect coordination. "Fuck," he growled, "I want to just take you right now."

A moan was about to escape his human, so he assisted her by muffling her mouth. "Mmmmmhn!!!" She inhaled with a shaky breath from her noise, "Mmphhh!"

"You're completely enjoying this." He murmured with a smile, giving a lick behind her ear. He pumped faster knowing he only had a few seconds left before his self-assigned challenge would be declared over. He needed her to come soon.

With a release of her muscles, she came with a shiver; a moan dying along her breath. "...Fifty Six..."

"There you go." He smiled, removing his fingers and sucking them clean. "A little touch of what's in store for you tonight on such a special day."

"Ugh..." She groaned, resting her head against him with her arm covering her eyes. "You bastard."

"It's 6:29, get some sleep." He said, removing her arm and planting a kiss by her eye. "Good night."
With that he finally shut down, hugging her close.

"Maybe I don't wanna... fuckin'... sleep... now..." A snore escaped as she went out like a light bulb; her body exhausted after being satisfied.

- - - - - - - - - - -

With a yawn and a stretch, Kel awoke to hear her house coming to life. Her family members walked about the place, tending to their own things. Hot that she minded; she kind of hoped her 19th wouldn't be a big deal. She then remembered Unit 56 had said though, about tonight. Maybe it'd be best if she left town for a bit...

She looked into her bright phone which vibrated. The time was 11:53 A.M, and there was a new text message as well.

unknown sender: Good morning again, my precious human. Happy birthday! Do you feel nineteen yet? Don't forget about tonight. ;)Be sure to stay available for me.

"Gag me with a spoon," she huffed.

You: again, i ain't 19 yet
You: but thank you

Yes, he left early that morning so he wouldn't get caught in her bed. She suppoed he had to go do robot things.

In the end the day was rather uneventful... which was spent sending 'thank you's to everyone who wished her a happy birthday on her Facebook wall. Forty plus, what a party.
Then of course there was cake and ice cream for lunch, and dropping by the bank to deposit birthday and graduation money.

- - - - -

Kelly spent the rest of her night on her lap top, of course. Art, forums, chatting with friends--she didn't even notice the time slipping away.


She looked up to see her dad at the door. "Oh, hey."

"Don't stay up too late, he warned, "don't want ya getting up at a late time every day since you're outta school now."
"No worries! I'll be getting off shortly."
"Alright, good night."

- - - - -

More time slipped by; Kel looked at her computer's clock: 1:31 A.M. "Damn..."

"Ms. Timmer!"

The deep voice scared her into slamming her laptop shut, sliding it down under her bed. "Sorry!" Her dad was too intimating to be tested with.

"Is that so?" The hallway was dark... how did she not hear or see him coming? He never usually came after saying good night... this was so unlike him.

The figure entered her room; she was too terrified... this person wasn't her dad. His voice wasn't like anyone she knew. It seemed that the shadow was in a uniform by the looks of its silhouette--a police uniform.

"I'm afraid 'sorry' doesn't cut it!" It said with a curve of its lips.
"Fifty Six?"
"Oh my god... please tell me that isn't my dad's uniform!"
"No way, that's too disrespectful. I got this one from The Todd!"
"...For what I'm going to have to do to his naughty daughter..."

Oh lord.

He quickly launched himself on top of her before she could argue, pinning her hands with one of his above her head. He snaked her other hand up her shirt, causing her to whimper. "Fifty s-"

"You have the right to remain silent, that is... if you can even contain yourself." He pinched a nipple, sucking on the arch of her neck.

"...Ah... ha...!"

Sure the uniform was a prop but it sure did smell and feel real. To be honest, he did turn her on completely. Though she wasn't entirely sure what kind of night this was going to be. They've made love before, played around and he's been aggressive but  never to a torture theme. Although this was involuntary for the most part, this would be considered their first 'role play'.

He released her hands to grab at the rim of her shirt, which she quickly wiggled out of for him and raised her arms so he could throw it to the floor. Before he could retrain her hands again, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself to him, biting his bottom lip with an innocent whimper. Anything to distract him from binding her up.

The tactic seemed to have worked, because the bot slowed his action to a pause and returned the actions. He slipped his broad arm around her back and the other to grasp the back of her head, forcing his tongue inside from the invite.

Whimpers and low groans escaped the two and for the first time that day Kel could see and feel 'The Glow.' It was a peaceful, beautiful moment where she could stare into his intense hazel eyes and feel Time yield to them and feel their bodies, their existences, mold into one. She never discussed this term with her robot, but something inside of her told her that he about it clearly too.

Lost in her gaze and in their 'Glow', a term he used and kept to himself to describe a blissful infinite emotion, as if a sixth sense to the human dictionary; he felt as if he was forgetting something. ...He was... the pill hidden inside of his throat that waited to meet the stomach acids of a specific human girl. His human girl. Seeing his processing slowed his movements even more, he couldn't help but admire her ability to distract him in these moments. Sensing her glands about to contract, he brought the pill back up using his tongue muscle and forced it into her.

After their Glow, Kel felt his tongue becoming more forceful and hungry... going further into her mouth as if trying to snake down her throat. This earned him a gasped whimper, along with the feeling of a bulge against her thigh after an escaped noise. With a swallow of saliva... she felt something else. She spoke right as she pulled away: "Fif... Fifty Six... what was that...?"

"Just something to make you feel good. All is well, I promise." He whispered into her ear with a devious smile.

"You... you drugged me...?" She asked, fearing it was Ecstasy or another drug he wasn't very well-educated on.

"You'll feel my kisses melt into your skin," he smiled, kissing along her neck before continuing, "every inch of my hands read the very being of your skin..." a hand went up and caressed one of her breasts for emphasis. "...Just a bit of a... 'sensitivity booster' you could say..."

She began to feel the bed sheet underneath her become more... soft. She felt as if she was sinking into them, and the slightest tough of his skin created a feeling of near-goosebumps.

"And I'm more than sure my most favorite spots on your body will appreciate the extra help as well." He groaned lightly, shifting his erection against her regions.

The very idea of his dry hump sent her senses up a wall... and she was still wearing pants!
Then and there she instantly knew she was f-u-c-k-e-d in every sense of the word.
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Birthday Cop
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