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 The Cop & The Jumper

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PostSubject: The Cop & The Jumper   Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:27 am

"Does that feel good?" Rick murmured, gripping the boy's shaft with his whole hand and slowly pumping up and down with a small flick of the wrist.

"...Ah- y-yeah..." Tanner coughed, eyes closed to focus as his body was gently moved up and down from the cop's strong motions. "Better than w-when I do it my... self-AH-" he cried out as Rick grabbed a nipple in his teeth, sucking on it roughly to leave a mark. "I don't know how-OH-" Rick attacked the other nipple with his tongue while teasing the previous with his free hand. "...D-Don't know how much I c-can take R-Rick..."

"You make this so easy, kid." Rick deviously smiled, climbing on top of him to get more distance with his and to kiss at Tanner's neck, sucking on it.

"This isn't fair...!" He whimpered, arching his neck for Rick, "I've never been touched by someone else before...! Ah...!"

Rick paused his motions to stare at the boy. "No one? Ever?"


Rick claimed his lips in awe. This kid he arrested and rescued only a few weeks ago was still a virgin, he could hardly believe it. Tanner was his. ALL of him. He pumped his hand faster. "Then I'm gonna make you feel REAL good tonight."

"A-Ah...!! R-Rick...!!" Tanner cringed as his stomach stirred, and he couldn't help but look up at his new lover with a gaped mouth.

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The Cop & The Jumper
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