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 Strangers Like Me (1)

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PostSubject: Strangers Like Me (1)   Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:53 am

The harsh light of my room brought me back to my awareness and I peeked at my ticking clock with one opened eye: 3:53 P.M.

"Must have dosed off..." I grumbled, wiping the crust out of my eyes with an arm. The phone under me vibrated once, then twice. Reaching under and locating the device, I found four unread messages and a dying battery of thirteen percent. "Well," I yawned, "what have we here?"

Tara: Meow.(:
Tara: Pay attention to me !

ALERT: WARNING FOR LUTZ RESIDENTS: There is a missing small child in the area that is described to be extremely hostile and dangerous. If seen, stay in a safe area and call this Toll Free number immediately: (813)-210-0264. This has been a mass message sent to all local residents. This will not be billed on the account of your provider.

TJ: looks like ur kid is missing

I couldn't help but release a chuckle. How could a child be so dangerous enough for an emergency alert? That, and TJ's text. "I need to do my homework..." I mumbled to myself, "but first... a hot pocket!"

I never got around to doing my homework.

To: TJ
You: you're hilarious
You: I hope that kid slashes your tires
TJ: lol

To: Tara
You: so get this
You: lutz people just got a mass text warning about some dangerous little kid
You: let's find it and adopt it!
Tara: What? That's so weird! How could a little kid be that dangerous??
Tara: And uhhh?? No lmao.
You: right? and awe

Evan: Looks like TJ's kid went missing haha.
You: it's one of the most random messages I think to be broadcast
You: like there's not a single cop going door to door as of yet and there's no fbi copters, etc
Evan: Yeah I agree. Whatever's going on must be so out of the law enforcement's control that they don't want to seem panicked or whatever, haha.
You: it's a joke to me honestly
You: I'm going to remember this forever
Evan: No kidding.

Putting my phone down and letting it charge, I decided to get some homework done with great difficulty to focus with my computer close by. I managed to get caught up with my English assignments and touched my art. Math was a lost cause.

It was maybe 6:20-ish when I decided to stop and go clean up the car and fill it up with some gas for school this upcoming week. By that time the sky was filled with dark clouds that drifted along pink, violet and dark blue skies. It was pleasantly breezy and I could feel it was going to be a comfortable night for once.

On my way back home there seemed to be... traffic... on the quiet residential roads. The only time there was ever any hold up was for an electric wire to be fixed or a tree to be trimmed. It was backed up by my old middle school just a mile from the main county line road. Deep inside down though were roads covered by trees that circled lakes and traced small inhabitant forests. Minutes rolled by and I inched up to my last stop sign, which was a three-way, then I would be home-free. Sirens and lights of all colors danced along cars' rooftops and tree lines.

Suddenly my phone vibrated in the cup holder, startling me.

TJ: a few helicopters just flew over my house
- File Attached: Video File

Evan: TJ just sent me a video of some helicopters flying by him. What's going on?
You: I'm not sure

Jeeze this was getting weird... I was beginning to miss my quiet community.

To: Evan
You: I just want everything to go back to normal

- - -

I approached the three-way when suddenly some guy in some unidentified uniform obnoxiously knocked my window. I of course rolled down my window; he looked pissed
"Pay attention like everyone else!" He spat, as if I never heard that one before. "Where are you coming from and where are you off to?"

"I'm sorry," I stuttered, nodding subconsciously. "What's the problem here?" This wasn't a gated community--he had no right to question me.
"Answer the question!" He leaned into my window to inspect around, as if I was carrying an illegal immigrant. 

"I'm coming from the gas station, returning home down this road here." 
"Alright well when ya' get there you're to stay inside, lock up and don't come out no matter what. Report any suspicious behavior or activity." He signaled to the man on my road and he stepped aside. "Is that understood?"

"Yes sir." I nodded, The fuck is your deal, I have the right to know! It's my neighborhood! Of course some thoughts aren't meant to be shared. 
"Alright," he patted the top of my small yellow car, "carry on." And of course I did -- I wanted to get back home and get the hell away from whatever was going on. 

- - -

Upon arriving there were at least three sheriffs parked around the neighborhood. Thankfully none glanced toward me so I took that as a sign that I can finally enter my own house.

I set my bag down next to the bench by the front door and hanged up my keys, seeing my brother's light down the hall on. My parents seemed to be away; maybe security kept them. I approach my brother's doorway to see his heavy headphones on, him playing away at his keyboard. A part of me -- no, all of me believed he had absolutely no idea what was going on.

He rocked back and forth in his rhythm and his fingers heavily grounded the keys, the music incoherent. 

"...Kevin... KEVIN."
He looked over.

"Don't you have any idea what's going on?"
A long pause, then he went back to what he was doing. I sighed and shook my head. "Whatever I'm sure this will all blow over anyways." With the wave of my hand I walked away.

I went out to the back patio to observe my ever-changing surroundings. It appears the clouds grew heavy and blocked out the sun, wither it was going to rain or not was still arguable.

The sound of helicopters in the area increased ten-fold and with the warnings of sealing yourself away inside, it seemed more favorable to do so just to get away from the noise.

The sun set earlier this time of the year so it was a comfortable darkness that swallowed the forest behind my house; a dying violet falling behind and over the roof.

The sound of my right side neighbor's two dogs barking hysterically erected me to attention. They were all the way on the right side rustling around madly as if trying to murder something. I listen closely for the sound of a bird, cat, fox or even a coyote cry but strangely enough heard an odd cluster of pants, grunts and yelps.

Was there really an attempted burglary happening? I know my town doesn't get a lot of media and authority action, but come on, it wasn't the end of the world. 

Then I remembered that if it was someone dangerous, I should probably head inside. Suddenly my productive idea deflated once the barking darted to my direction; a large five foot wall separated me and whatever was coming my way.

Move now move
The barking was becoming unbearable
Move now move
A set of hands clamped down on top of the wall, the body connected panting hoarsely

A young man leaped over, completely naked and hair askew.
This had to be the burglar- no- dangerous man.

Being too focused on making it passed the wall he failed to notice my tree not even three feet from it and collided with an 'oof'.

Cosplay tail connected to rear...
Actually connected...
Seeing the skin mix with brown lush fur
His ears perked- DOG EARS-

I gasped, panicked as he glared right at me...
What was reality again?
Beautiful, scared green eyes...
...Frightening but not threatening...

The world went black.

- - -
- - -

The sound of a low helicopter perked me to my senses.


I opened my eyes and blinked the blur away, seeing Kevin knelled down in front of me with something on his head. Why wasn't he wearing a shirt? It was too dark to see his features.
"What?" I asked, my head dizzy.

With the last pigment of my eyes adjusting to the darkness, I realized Kevin looked different and he smelt really foul. He was pointing to the sky- THIS ISN'T KEVIN.

I backed up to feel a wall pressed painfully hard against my back- was I moved here? could see the fire pit and feel the wooden planks underneath me; I wasn't far from my parent's bedroom. My focus went back to him. "Get away!" I instinctively yelled and immediately he did, his ears back.

He was half dog? Wolf? "What are you?" My voice cracked. For being the cornered animal I sure as hell wasn't in the the right mind to preform one of my two options. 

Help? That was his voice? Gentle yet stern. Not too deep; very similar to the owner of a seventeen year old. Maybe older...

He looked around quickly but mostly to the sky, cowering down. He put a finger to his lip, as if to think. "Uh," his voice made me shake where I was mentally pinned. "Uhm...! Help?" Okay so he knew English?

A giant search light hit the forest, moving back and forth fiercely. The wind picked up from the copter's blades. 

"...Help!" He whimpered, inching closer but fearing my reaction so just sort of shaking in place. He was naked, I didn't want to move or touch him. He was some crazy wanted-guy, I didn't want to move or speak. He was different- I didn't want to move or think. ...But he was scared... more than I was. He just looked at me as the search light approached. He looked like he was about to be forced to jump into a pool of yellow fire. 

However the noise was annoying and he was afraid so it was my turn to do something. I'll think later, now was finally the time to move. I picked myself up and pushed myself off the wall, "Come on!"

He watched me go sadly, and in desperation to make him move from the light only a foot away now, I batted my thigh and he instantly came. Relief. Where am I going? Parent's door. I slide it open, "Go!" I command pointing; he dives inside. I follow in panic and close the door, locking it to seal myself away with this- thing- I felt sick. I close the blind-attached decorative doors. I turn and pant, inching forward into the dark spoiled safe haven of my parent's master bedroom. I land on my knees and fall forward. The world is spinning and I've felt so much secondhand fear before; it's overwhelming.

"Yes!" He says. I hear the carpet whispering underneath his knees. He was mocking my movements, only he sounded much happier. "Good, good!" He chants. 
I want him to shut up. Then he touches me. I simple hand on the shoulder with a slight squeeze. I didn't want him touching me but before I could say that, he pulls me to him in a warm sweaty hug and nuzzles the side of my head with his cheek. "Nice," he says softly.

I find myself sinking into the contact, then I yank myself away. Bad call... he's still naked. "Stop!" I say a little too loudly. His ears go back, looking quite guilty with a pinch of confusion. I stand up with difficulty and wipe my forehead with shaky breaths. "Listen, I don't know who you are or where you come from, but you-" I had no idea what to say to this Thing. Fear seemed to control my actions and my speech. "You- you need to put some clothes on..." I sighed, "it's inappropriate."

"Inappropriate-?" He mimics, the word slowly moving around on his tongue. He kind of knows English, then...?

"Yes, bad."
"Bad..." His ears went back again. He then points to himself. "Not bad..."
"Okay, thought so, so let's find some clothes for you." 

I turn my back- probably a bad idea and search through my dad's dresser. I need to get outside and report this guy. Why is it so dark? Why was I shaking so much? I'm all so new to this... how would someone else handle this situation. I'm not someone else though, I'm just me.


"Yes, clothes. Stuff you put on your body to cover up and keep warm." I'm looking a little too desperately now.

[accidentally deleted section where she looks for clothes from dad's dresser and gives it to him, only to see he doesn't know how to dress himself and they go to the bathroom together / visual description of his body and eyes and hair, etc.]

But he followed, "Er, okay but who?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Uhm. Who can see business?"

I rolled my eyes with a scoff and a small blush. "Well obviously not me, that's for one. Uhm, well," I turned him around and pulled on the back of the undies, snipping a good sized hole for his tail. "Girlfriends, or wives, or someone who needs to help you when you're-" Injuries. Bloody injuries covered his hips in the right light, and I lifted his shirt to see gun shot wounds and stitches. "...You're hurt..." I mumbled, chills running down my body.

"Uhm," he points to himself, "okay. Not hurt."

"But there's wounds all over your body..." I reply, confused beyond belief. "Who did this to you?"

"Bad men... uhm. Old masters." He looked forward, seeming to not want to talk about it. "And... no mate."

"What?" I blinked, looking at his injuries further before putting his shirt back down and stretching the new hole in his underwear a bit. I put the scissors away.

"No mate," he patted his chest. "No uhm... girlfriend?"

"Oh, I see." I replied. Obviously... or he wouldn't be here being chased by the government and being my problem. "And just say 'I' or 'me' when you want to talk about yourself." I smiled; grammar was a whole other lesson.

"Okay... I-?"
I nodded.
"I thank you."

"Oh... you're welcome... but," how was I to put this? "You... you can't stay here."

"Huh?" His ears went back and he went back to looking scared.

"Hold still, I'm gonna touch your tail, okay?"
"Okay... why can't me stay?"

Almost laughed. "That's 'I' too... and because, this is my home and I live here with my family. And I don't know who you are and I don't want to put my family and I in danger."

"I not dangerous!" He whimpered, his hands to his chest.

"I'm sure you're nice," I said softly, pulling his tail through the hole. It fit perfectly. Yay for finally getting his undies on! I gave myself a mental high five. "But the people chasing you might not be..."
"They not! Very bad!"

I nodded, not sure of what to say. "I helped you because I know how cruel they can be... and well, I'm not completely sure why. But I think I just committed treason by helping you..."

"Yeah, uhm. Bad against my people."
"Oh..." His ears went back again.

"Do you have any friends or family? Someone I can take you to?"

He quickly shook his head, "No... I... I all alone..."

"Impossible," I frown. "There must be someone?"

The door knocked with haste and aggression, and he whimpered. "No... no one but them."

- - -

I answer the door to what I somewhat expected- a man- and woman- in uniform. "Yes sir? Ma'am?"

"Hello... Kelly Timmer?"
"Yeah, uh, you know my name how exactly?"

"That's not important," the woman frowns, peering in. "We've located some data of tracks of a wanted individual entering your household."

"Odd... it's only my brother and I here right now." Just stay cool... act confused.

"Unlikely. We're here to look around and investigate, please allow clearance by rule of U.S Security." The man tilted his glasses down a bit.

"Warrant?" I tilt my head, squinting my eyes. I just dressed a wolf boy... talking down to my government wasn't as hard as once seemed about an hour ago.

The man sighs and pulls out his badge, showing it to me. The woman looks a bit impatient.

"...Okay... but that's not a warrant." I offer a sympathetic frown. "You're free to look around once you get me that warrant."

"We are U.S Security officials and we do not have the time for your little games!" The woman barked; how unprofessional.

"And I'm a civilian only practicing my rights." It came in handy having Law Enforcement parents.

"You have a lot of nerve-" the man started before I countered, "-And I continue to lack a warrant." Another sympathetic frown.

After long silence filled with hatred and tension, the man pulled out a phone and started barking orders. I closed the door with a cheeky smile- that should buy us some time.
The wolf guy was standing at the mouth of my hallway, tapping his index fingers together awkwardly. "Uhm, we okay?"

"For now but not for long," I managed to say, brushing past him and dripping into Kevin's room. "Kevin!" I ghost behind him and tap his shoulder.

"I'm practicing," he draws out, "what is it?"

"Kevin I need your help."

He rolls his eyes with a sigh and shakes his head. "I'm busy."

"You know how we believe in aliens and the supernatural and Destination Truth and-"
"Yeah yeah, what is it?" He intersects.

"Er, well..." I look to the hall and Kevin follows my gaze. Of course the new arrival isn't there but the feel of having my brother's attention in a mysterious manner feels like a victory.

"I'll go grab him, one sec." I groan, darting back into the hallway.
"Grab who?" My brother asks, concerned.

I find the wolf boy sniffing around my room.
"Your scent," he says almost thoughtfully. I can hear Kevin stiffen from another voice in the house of two.

"Yeah I know, come here." I command, going back to my brother's line of sight- thankfully the stranger follows. "Please don't freak out." I beg with my final words as my new guest bumps my shoulder, looking into the room in front and eyes locking with Kevin's. Fear radiated off his body as it did from my brother's eyes.

"What-" Kevin abruptly stands and the wolf stutters to hide behind me. "-is that? And why isn't it wearing any pants!?" I can visibly see his heart racing and I feel another heartbeat pound against my back.

"Good question with no answers as of yet," the door knocks, making all three of us jump, "but the government's gonna take him away and he's hurt enough as is and he's harmless-"

"Kelly that thing could be dangerous! They want it for a reason!" His hands are in fists now. He's becoming protective wrapped in shock.

"Kevin please just listen to me for once!" I beg, my heart racing now. "He's got horrible wounds from them and if he wanted to hurt me he would have by now! When are we going to get another opportunity like this again?"

His jaw slacks, setting in anger and mental conflict.

"Please..." I repeat once the door knocks again but with desperation of gaining control behind its intention.

"...What's your plan." Not in a questionable tone but I'll take it.

- - -
- - -

I answer the door only for six people in uniform abruptly barge in; a piece of paper I can only assume to be of said warrant shoved in my face. Of course I don't know how to read a warrant so I pretend to scrutinize it with a small, 'Kay.'

They spread out like angry bees across my house: one down the hall, one into my parent's room, two into the living room and the other two in the dining room. Shortly the last four would intercept in the kitchen soon enough. I follow the one who went down the hall, luckily not one of the original two.

"Your original statement claims that the house is only presently inhabited by you and your brother." The man remarks, obviously newer to the team, stun gun raised.

"Uh... my brothers and I, I'm afraid I had said." I falsely repeated calmly. There Kevin laid on his back, texting as usual as if nothing was out of the ordinary; lifting an eyebrow after parting a glance at the officer. The 'other brother' was passionately playing on the keyboard- headphones covering where his human ears should be; a beanie I didn't know my real brother owned covered his actual canine ears and baggy gym shorts revealing a well toned-not-tailed rear.
"Documentation states you only have one biological broth-"

"Well don't go around saying it out loud!" Kevin jerks his head angrily, well played I must admit. "He lives a few blocks down," he says carefully, "trouble at home so he considers us his family. No need to pour salt on the wound."

"His full name, please?"
I swallow hard- didn't think that through. Before Kevin could share a glance, a loud yell commands a regroup and the officer leaves. I decide to follow casually in case more lies were needed. They're all in my parent's room, examining the door that I had purposely left open in hopes for a lead to give them. 

"Were you aware that your master bedroom's sliding glass door was open?" The head woman asks sarcastically.

"What? N... no... oh god," I inhale shakily, "I was sure it was locked before my parents left! We were in our rooms the whole time!"

They shared a glance before nodding. The head male began to shoo me out, "We'll need to investigate this room further before exciting the premises." Once I was shoved out the door he fixed his shades and furrowed his eyebrows, leaning in, "But I'll be keeping my eye on you..." It reminds me of a spy movie.

The fact that all these predators were under the same roof as their prey made me uneasy but I was grateful they fell for the trap for the most part. I wondered though how they couldn't track his prints from over to our rooms?

When I returned to the hallway my brother's door was closed... and rustling was coming from the other side? Curious yet disturbed I knocked gently.

"Come in!" Kevin's voice was struggled and I quickly opened the door to see my brother pinning down the wolf guy to the floor who was whimpering. 

Our eyes met and he went still, his tail wagging out of the gym shorts furiously. He went back to a wiggling motion and chirped, "Okay!"

"He almost tore my piano and headphones apart once he realized you followed them," Kevin grunted, getting off the other. "Kept' going on about 'Dangerous', 'Not safe' and repeating your name in between."

I was cornered by a smiling, glowing, tail wagging teen. "Kelly okay?"
"Awh," I cooed automatically, "Yes. Good boy."

He shook wildly at that, "Good! I good!" He hesitated, checking himself to make sure he was appropriate to hug I presume, then pulled me to him with a whimper and I was held tightly. "I good! Appropriate!" He chirped, tail wagging and sending papers on the floor to and fro.

"Well this isn't weird or anything," Kev remarked, kicking around his stuff back to where it was.

An uncomfortable cry left my closed teeth as a large wet very much human tongue lapped up my left cheek. My brother caught a short glimpse to know what had happened.

"No!" I corrected, and suddenly the other's body went stiff. "No licking living things! Not appropriate!"

He released me with an annoyed huff, "Nothing appropriate."

"Not in these days they're not," I grumbled lowly while wiping the saliva off with the sleeve of my shirt, mostly frustrated with how much this Being had to learn.

"You know, saying 'Guys are dogs!' is an understatement now." Kevin remarked, running a hand through his hair.

"Don't even." I groaned, picking up the beanie that had fallen and fixing it back on the other one's head.

"Head clothes weird." Other growled, crossing his arms but not resisting.

"It's called a beanie, and I'm sorry but it's to hide your ears until the bad men go away."

"Are they gone?" My brother asked, rummaging through his closet and spraying his room bat-shit crazy with Lysol.

"I'll check..." I mumbled, opening up the previously checked guest bedroom and climbing on top of the bed to peer out the window. I made it in time to see the last officer humping the cement wall. Our neighbor Matt would be getting hell next but everyone should be fine until these hunters look elsewhere. "Yeah, they're gone." I confirmed before I backed up to slam into Other, starting me. "Damn, you're acting like my shadow," I remarked, moving around him to examine the damage of the house.

"Shadow?" He repeated, following closely.

"Yeah like the thing that you see follows your movement? Watch." I sway my palm by the wall to our left without touching to display the shadow. "See?"

"Oh. Uhm, yes. I see. Just... they don't have names."
"What don't?"
"Uh, everything."

I looked over my shoulder, brows furrowed. 
"For me," he pats his chest. "Need names."

Sadly enough it took me longer to realize what he meant and it clicked. "Oh! You know what things are, you just need their terms?"

"Yes!" He chirped, hands clasped. "Some!"

"That'll take some time but I'll do my best to teach you the ones you don't know yet," I offered a smile and after walking around my house to see that it was obvious several occupants were present all at once; nothing was damaged or stolen.

"Shadow should be name?" The low curious voice of Other asked; too close for comfort.

"What? No, Shadow's too dark for someone who glows." A compliment, really.
"Glows..." A mimic; something he doesn't understand.

"Yeah, uh, like how the sun is bright or the moon shines? You know, the objects in the sky?" I point out the sliding glass door and upwards so he doesn't look at my ceiling.

"Hurts to look...?"
"Yes! The thing that hurt to look at during the day is called the Sun. When it goes away and the sky gets dark, the thing that doesn't hurt to look at is called the Moon."
"Sun and Moon. Okay." He smiles with the wag of his tail. "Me glow like them?"

"Well, yeah. You're kind and caring and gentle..." I bite my lip, hoping he'll understand. "Besides in my head right now I just call you Other."

His ears go back sadly.
"Oh yeah I know! It's not a food name at all- it's just for now."
"Other means option. Not uhm... important. Old masters said that a lot."

My heart sank. "Oh, no boy... not all the time. It's a choice, too." I faced him completely now and squeezed his arm gently. "And I chose to help you instead of run away." A sympathetic smile. 

He pulled me into a hug after returning the smile, a low sad whimper escaping. "...Friend..." I hugged him back equally as strong. Friend.

- - -

Back in my room I sit on my bed, chin my hands while Kevin leans on my doorway; us together watching Other smell all my things.

"So since he's part dog, that's how you plan on training him?" My brother asks, eyes never averting.
"Well, yeah. It's working out so far."

Other's smelling my closet, pulling out a basket and dipping his nose in. "Uhm... many clothes," he questions, looking around my closet even more.

"Basic clothes; nothing cool."
"Yeah, it's like 'good' but a status of how you act and what you have."
"Status... okay." He nods partly, startled when a few clothes fall.

"He could know more than us but doesn't know how to articulate it..." Kevin hummed, stroking his chin and shrugging to me as if he were right and I were wrong.

"You treated him like such a new concept when you first saw him!" I countered, glaring.

"That was fear and brotherly-protection speaking," he corrected, sarcastically checking his nails. "I'm sure you were just as freaked out."

I roll my eyes and huff. "Okay, maybe a bit."

We look back to see Other trying to figure out one of my bras. Fear strikes me at first but I've been through much tougher ideas today. Kevin goes back to his room once he feels he's had enough with this new creature.

"That's one of my bras," I offer a calm smile so he doesn't pick up any offset cues.

"What uhm... it do?" He tried to put his arm through one of the straps but he doesn't get far.

"When I get older I'll be able to produce milk for my offspring through my breasts. In the meantime girls wear bras to make our... 'milkers' more comfortable."
"Breasts..." he contemplates, then puts it against his chest before facing me. "Oh!"

A chuckle escaped, "Yeah, something like that."

Next he drags out one of my hoodies, snapping the hanger. He flinches at the noise. "Er!"

"It's alright," I quickly say, "I've got plenty of them. They're called Hangers and they break easily so ya gotta' be more careful."
"This?" He holds out the jacket. 
"Since that has no zipper in the front, it's considered a sweat jacket. But since it has a flap that goes over your head, people nicknamed them Hoodies. Ones that don't have a hood are just Jackets."
"...Hoodie. Okay. Me like."
"That's 'I like', you mean," I smile, "and a lot of people do. They're cute."
"I like hoodies?" 
I nod.
"What 'cute'?"
Uh... hmm.

"Cute is a status like cool, but for things and people that are... hmm..." I stand up and look around for an example. "Their innocent looks apeal to you. Like if you were on your back wanting a belly rub and whining I would say, 'Awe, cute!'" 
His eyes widened like something clicked. "Oh!" He quickly dropped my hoodie and did just as my example explained. "Cute!?"
"You're being silly," I grinned, hands on my hips. He tilted his head. "Cute in a funny way," I add.
He smiles wide and wags his tail, obviously pleased with himself. "Belly rub!"
I sigh out of my nose with an eye roll before crouching down and rubbing his stomach over the shirt. This is extremely weird but he's being cute!

I hear Kevin walk past and mumble, "Weird."

- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

I show Other how light switches, fans and doorknobs work. It's unbelievable how many things I do automatically without ever realizing I had once learned to do all of this. But that was so long ago... and here I am teaching a young adult mutant.

A meow sounds from the hallway and we turn to see Lila, one of our three cats who must have been hiding during the helicopter fiasco. Her pupils seem to dialate rather quickly and suddenly her tail is fluffed in alarm. A low growl sounds from next to me and Other's ears are back, tail raised high with teeth bared.
"Oh boy," I stutter, a bit delayed when Other lunges for the door and Lila rockets away.
"Boy no!" I grunt, leaping forward and grabbing the back of his shirt. He's in his hunting mode too deep so I'm forced to thrust myself against his back with another and last leap, tackling him to the ground with a loud thud. He's still growling, but it seems not to me because he's slowly crawling tords my doorway. "Down!" I try again, desperate now. Even with me straddling him he's still determined to catch the cat. "Heel!" I say louder, and he tries to get up.
Think! Think, think! It's been forever since I had a dog... what would Cesar do!?
I blow hard in his left ear, and he yelps before shaking his head confused.
"Bad boy! Calm yourself!" I raise my voice, trying to establish anger.

It takes a minute but now his body is limp and he's shaking a bit, looking over his shoulder with a small confused whimper. "Not appropriate...?" He murmurs sadly.
"No, just bad!" I narrow my eyes at him. "We have three cats here who were here before you and they are our pets and our friends, not your next meal or chew toy!"
He lowers his head submissively, "I no eat cats..."
"Okay well leave all of them alone from now on, understand?"
He nods slowly.

Then a loud entrance of a deep rant followed by a "What smells dead?"

"Uh oh," I whisper. "It's my parents..."
"Uh... the Alphas." And now we're both shaking. I quickly climb off of him and once he's up I shove him between my closet and door, then put a finger to his lip. He looks really confused now. "It's really important that you don't make a noise or move until I tell you to, okay? They're not like Kevin- they need time to understand." I whisper as lowly and as fast as I can.
His Adam's Apple bobs but he doesn't nod or say OK. I only hope for the Universe to be kind to me just this once. When I move the slightest he whimpers a bit before I shush him and go to associate with my parents.

"Hey guys," I smile, strolling into the kitchen where my mom was grabbing a glass for her milk and my dad unpacked his things in the dining room. 
"This is ridiculous. Our cell phones were blown up about all these warnings and it takes us an hour just to get onto Hanna." My dad rants, joining my mother and I in the kitchen.
"They're all government officials with their heads too far up their asses," my mom adds, "all because of some criminal in the area."

Goosebumps run down my arms. "Right?" I comment, time to make those guys look even more bad. "They shoved a warrant in my face and six of them crowded into the house, they exited out of your room before attacking Matt's place. I looked around to make sure nothing was damaged or stolen, but everything looked normal. I'd double check just in case though." I rest my head in my hands while sitting at the counter, hoping I look as blank as possible.
By then my dad was already heading to their room to investigate.
"Unbelievable... I've never had to deal with any account like this in all my years. Anyways, how was yours and Kevin's day?"
She asked, putting the milk away. All I wanted was for them to go to bed and close their door and not come back out until I found a place for Other.
"Oh mine was fine! Been on my computer since I got home so I should go check my phone for all the messages I'm probably missing. And Kevin's wrapped up in another song," I add, brushing past her once I noticed she wanted to go visit him. 

I made it in time to hear clothes ruffling around and I close my door behind me to see Other pulling out his member, focusing on a spot. "No!" I hiss, grabbing his arm and spooking him. I put a finger to my lip as my mom passes by, going to Kevin's room. 
"Put it back in!" I hiss again, and he does with a strained whimper. 
Quickly I check to make sure Mom is distracted completely by Kev before pulling Other with me into the bathroom across from my room and locking the door behind us. 
"Look," I whisper lowly but with haste, "pull it back out and mark in the water. Please don't miss. Please." I watch hesitantly enough to make sure he does it right.
Gripping his member, I'm guessing a natural reaction to do in this new body of his, he leans a bit and aims; hitting the water and getting only a little on the back of the seat.
It's too late to realize the impact is much louder than a female pissing.
"Dang did you drink a lot of water today, Love?" My mom jests from outside the door. 
"Haha, yeah, had to go pretty badly." I answer, praying so hard she'll go away.
"Alright well I'm heading to bed, good night you guys. And what the heck is that dead smell that's all over the place?"
"I don't know, that could be me, I'll be taking a shower sooo goodnight!"
"Oh alright, goodnight." 
Silence followed. Thank goodness.

I hear a sigh of relief behind me and more footsteps in front, "You're really in there with him? You're unbelievable." 
"He was about to piss in my room! I need to potty-train him at least."
"Kel he can't stay here much longer," I look behind me to find Other awkwardly standing over the toilet with his bottom in the air, "mom and dad are going to find out soon and I don't know how much longer I can help you hide him..." my brother adds, probably wanting a response.

I turn to promptly push Other down on the seat. "I know, I'll figure something out." I shoot to Kevin before returning my attention back to the one needing potty-guidance. "Okay, whenever you're peeing," I imitated the movements of a male peeing, "you don't need to sit down. You just shake a few times then pull your clothes back up. When you're pooping," I pretend-squatted like he was now, "you need to sit down so your poop can fall into the water below you. What you're sitting on now is called a Toilet, and that's how we humans pass our waste. Waste is the stuff inside us our bodies push out because they're not needed for nourishment, or survival."

He makes a face, followed by a plop. "Okay," he nods then. Surprisingly enough his crap doesn't smell like anything... I store that info away for later. 

When he gets up and pulls up his shorts, I reach for the flusher. "Okay don't panic but this is gonna be kinda loud because it's a vacuum replacing the bad water with good water." I press down on it and he jumps back afraid anyways, yet still hypnotized. "That's called Flushing the toilet." I conclude, offering a smile to calm his nerves.
He returns it with a nod.

"Can you bathe yourself?" I then ask, wishing I hadn't but knowing it needed to be done. 
He thumps his open hand to his chest, "Me body no... uhm. Can't lick all of me."
"Of course not," I smile before opening the shower currents, "I mean in one of these?"
He quints, tilts his head, then shakes it no.

I sigh with a gulp, "Okay, I'll show you just this once. Then you need to do it on your own afterwards. Helping a grown male bathe is NOT appropriate." I remind him, hoping he'll remember for future-reference. 

He nods more intently than before; ears perked and forward. 

"Alright I'll be right back. Take off your clothes except- not- your underwear. The white thing. And stay right here until I come back." I command before leaving the bathroom.
I go to my room and get into my swimsuit, seeing how I'm gonna get pretty wet in order to teach him properly. It would be easier to just give him a bath like a toddler or dog, but he's too big for that and he wouldn't be learning much. 
After switching out I grabbed two towels and came back in to see him exactly how I asked. Precum stained a spot above his bulge and I tried to shake off the goosebumps. Maybe his sex organs were just still trying to get used to this body. 

"Okay, we're about to take something called a Shower. After I teach you how to do it, you'll have to do it by yourself." 

He twiddles his hands together and offers a nervous nod.

"Do you like your water hot or cold?"
A confused look.
"Oh- uh... here," I grab his hand and pull him to the sink. "Keep your hand here."
I turn the water on cold over his knuckles. He pulls back, concerned and licking his hand.

"What? It's just water." I grab his wrist again and he doesn't fight back. "That just then you felt was the temperature called Cold."

"Feel weird..."
"You think a lot of things are weird," I deadpan and turn on the warmer water. "This is called Warm, or Hot."
"More nice..." he frowns, still uncomfortable.

"Yeah, a lot of people like warm things since we don't have fur anymore."
"Anymore?" He asks, licking his hand again. Sooner or later he'll realize he has mucus on this new tongue and it does nothing.
"That's a whole other Chapter in Learning To Be Human," I smile and turn on the water in the shower. 

Once it was warm I swallowed and climbed inside, holding the curtain. "Come." I say positively. He hesitates but inches closer till he can see inside. "Step into here, this thing's called a Tub." I stomp my foot gently to show.

One foot after the other he climbs inside shaking before I let the curtin close. It's a bit dark, warm and uncomfortable now but if I did this right it'd be over soon.

It's when I move out of the way of the water does he freak out and try to escape with a whimper.

"Easy, easy!" I clamp myself around his waist. "It's okay, it's okay! Once we're done we can dry off and be warm okay?" I'm not sure what exactly it is I'm promising but all I knew was that gentle words were my only hope at this point since he was much stronger than me. 

He freezes with a dragged out groan, shoulders slouched. "The cleaner you are, the longer you can stay." I tell him, moving him backwards then changing our positions. 

"Me be clean uhm... all time then." His voice is low, almost like a growl and he crosses his arms over his chest uncomfortably.

"Hey, relax. In the shower it's your alone time. You can think about things or you can just let the warm water wash away all your worries. You choose what to do in here. No one else."

"I choose leave."
"Well while I'm in here you're staying." I begin to scratch his back from between the shoulder blades and down. I do this for my guy friends who need a good scratch-down. Like I expected, goosebumps immediately formed.

"Oh..." I could tell his lips arched into a smile as he bent over and planted an arm on the wall in front, resting his forehead over it.

"Oh yeah," I chuckle, "everyone loves back scratches. Works every time."

He shakes and I leave one hand to grab Kevin's scented shampoo and squirt some on his head. He doesn't know it until I put both hands to the back of his head and the suds are lathered.

"It's called Shampoo. It's for cleaning your hair. Since you're a guy with short hair," I string my fingers farther over since he leaned back off his arm, "showers won't last as long for you cause you don't need Conditioner. Conditioner is to make hair soft and help untangle knots. Little tied up spots in your hair that hurt if you forget they're there. And get down on your knees, you're too tall for me to reach everything."

"Uhm..." He looks around, confused. 

I turn him around and quickly brush back his bangs before the shampoo hits his eyes.

"Your knees," I tap one of them with my hand, "get down on the floor on them so you're shorter than me."

"Oh," he seems to be very relaxed now and in a moment he's done so.

"Good boy!" I smile, and his wet tail wags only a little. "I don't want to get too much in your ears so just be still and trust me okay?" I say softly and start to massage his dog-like ears. They're pretty big and thick and soft. I couldn't help but scratch them.

"I trust only you..." he says dreamily, obviously enjoying the contact. His head droops forward and his eyes close as he rests against my lower stomach.

My heart suddenly flutters, then aches. I know he can't stay here and it seems he's forgotten already. I need to find out where he came from.
"Thank you." I whisper, massaging the rest of his hair now and letting the water rinse it out.
His head feels a bit heavier. "Hey now, don't fall asleep on me!" I giggle. 

There's dirt all over the tub floor so I'm careful not to make anything stick to us by grabbing the shower head and pulling it off. 
"You need to tell me where you come from," I rinse off his dirty body carefully before putting the shower head back up. "...So I can help."

He grumbles, wanting to relax. "Can't."
"Don't worry about it tonight. After teaching you some more things I'll eventually take you around the area safely disguised so no one can recognize you."
He sadly nods then offers a hopeful smile.

After teaching him to wash his body, my stomach grumbles and I realize I haven't fed Other. What could he have eaten?

"Uhm... what that?" He suddenly asks, ears perked as I shut off the water. 
I hum, confused and grab a towel off the rack.
He pokes my stomach. "Grrr," he mocks, but not aggressively. 
"Oh, you can hear that?"
He nods.
Right... dog ears. "Oh I'm just hungry. That causes my stomach to grow so my brain knows I need food. Speaking of food... why aren't you hungry?"
His ears go down. "Uhm... food already." He pats his stomach.
"You 'ate' already?"
"What did you eat?"
Tail between legs. Very bad sign.
"Boy... open your mouth."
He shakes his head.
Hesitantly he does so, and I lean in to smell him breathe only to pull away quickly: cat food. "That is for my cats! In this body you're probably going to need human food." I scold him but only a little... I'm glad he was able to take care of himself. 
He dips his head down.
"It's okay," I smile, scratching behind one of his ears. "Just don't do it again."
"Okay!" He chirps, pulling me into a hug and nuzzling. Luckily I wrapped him in a towel before then. I hug back.
"Let's brush your teeth and find you some good food to get in your stomach." 

He dries himself off happily after I show him how then he tries putting on dry clothes I gathered for him from the laundry room. It takes him longer than I had hoped so I assist him with short sockets and sleeves. 
His erection had gone away so I blame the temperature of the room.

With only two toothbrushes, I wash mine off with soap and hot water before putting a good amount of toothpaste on it.
"This is called a toothbrush," I point, "and this is toothpaste. The act is called brushing your teeth and its purpose is to clean your teeth, make your breath smell good and clean out any bacteria in your mouth so you and other people don't get sick."
I mock the stroking motions while explaining further, "You're gonna' hold onto the handle while brushing along your teeth. And don't eat the paste! It's for cleaning purposes only."

He tries as if he's a young child trying to brush a cat's fur awkwardly. I take it from him and wiggle my finger to cue him forward. As he does so I grip his jaw and force my thumb in to open up his mouth. Risky but for some odd reason I feel I trust him to such a degree.
"Good boy," I whisper as I brush his teeth correctly. I don't get his tongue because that's gross for even me to do. 
After several seconds of trying to get as much as I could, I pull out the toothbrush and set it down. He looked very uncomfortable and seemed to be close to gulping.

"Here," I grab a cup and fill it with the water. "Take some in your mouth and-" And too late. He uses the cup as a beverage to wash down the suds. "Er... next time you're suppose to spit it out. Don't worry," I take the cup back and wash out the brush, "it's learning experience."

"I thank you, but, gross..." he whines, sticking out his tongue. I lay the wet undies he dropped to the floor in the tub and then hung the towel up. What was I forgetting? A faint stench from his underarms suddenly reminded me.

"I know. I promise everything will get easier. Just remember this is all your first time. And I also promise you to not waste time teaching you things that are unnecessary." I grab my brother's deodorant and get it ready, "Now this is necessary; it's called deodorant and it keeps your underarms smelling good so you don't get something called B.O. If someone ever says you have that, look for deodorant right away."

"Uhm... why smell bad?"
"Because your body has holes called pores all over it that-"
"No. I mean... why IT bad? Smell... smelling?"
"Why is it bad, smelling bad?"
He nods happily and I smile; he learns fast.

"Well for you, there's many reasons. One being that girls don't like a smelly man- or guys- people- ...us humans have sensitive noses-"

He crosses his arms and scoffs after I apply the deodorant to one arm.

"Yeah, I know, your nose is like a thousand times better; we're jealous." I roll my eyes with a smile, "But things can smell... very un-appealing that it makes us back-pedal away. ...If you're anything like my cats.... this would be a great example-"

"Me not like your cats." He pouts a bit to prove a point. Once I put some soap in my palm and put it up to his nose, he does an involuntary jerk away rubbing at his nostrils.

"Just like my cats. Un-appealing, yeah?"
He nods.
"We don't like the smell of sweat, bacteria, dying things, rotting things, ectedra."
"That sad." He grins, trying to show off.
"Yeah well-" (If you become more human day by day you may just start developing our cons, too.) I hold my tongue. "...Yeah."

After applying to the other arm I put my bro's Old Spice away.
"Do you like my scent?" He's focusing on me now and it makes me a little uneasy. Not as much as before though.
"Yes," I open the door with a smile. "You smell great and I like it a lot." Not a lie. "Come on."

I bring him to my kitchen and have him sit down at the counter quietly. I'm gonna have to pick something that's silent so father doesn't come out to scowl me for eating so late. I check the clock on the microwave to see 2:17, not bad. 
"What did you eat before you met me?"
He seems to know now that showing me is much faster than trying to explain in his own words. He gets up and looks around in the basket near my telephone. 
"This," he says questionably, holding up my dad's daily pill container.
"Pills?" I ask and he's too quick to nod. "Your old masters fed you pills..." My heart sank again... I wanted to protect this boy from them as long as I could.
I take it from his hand and put it back. "Well you're eating actual food from now on."

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