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 Strangers Like Me (2)

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PostSubject: Strangers Like Me (2)   Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:36 pm

On one morning, I collapse in my front yard floor crying; drowning in my newly found chemical depression. Later that week I quit my job that I had held for two years and focus on the Spring semester ahead. I barely avoid voluntary backer-act. 

On one afternoon, my mind was focused on the task at hand; my eyes on the trash transferring from my car floor to the trashcan and my ears toned into the music that filled the horrid silence.

On one night, I work nonstop around the clock to finish assignments that had piled up via my own procrastination. It takes a few more days but I get it done.

At the campus I find out I passed my classes with the lowest scores tolerated; I sigh in relief and try to look forward to the three week break before a needed class in the summer. 

At home an anti-depressant slides down my throat with ease, but I'm not sure if I'm feeling any better. Maybe it's because I've already accepted the fact I've lost.

In the front yard while I mow the lawn another afternoon, an elderly woman in a wheelchair walking her dying dog stops to greet me. I used to make small talk with her a few years ago; I see now it's only a matter of time before she becomes a memory. I don't know her name, but I socialize nonetheless.

"Y'know how there's lots of cats around this here neighborhood?" She asks me, and I nod with a confused smile. "Well they're disappearing, and I couldn't figure out as to why," she adds, "then I found one bloody in my backyard. Wasn't mine but I knew a coyote was behind it!" She almost hisses, excited to educate me on the new guest.

"A coyote huh? I can't say I've actually seen one, like, ever." I throw on a shocked face, not that I don't believe her. "I've seen a black fox and a doe in the forest behind my house, but never a coyote." The music coming from my dangling headphone becomes disruptive so I move it farther away from my sweaty face.

"Well there's one around here so keep an eye on yer' cats!" She nods, moving her way along back to her house at the end of the street with no outlet. Her basset struggles to follow, but is able to keep up.

I throw the thought away instantly and put my headphones back in and reboot the motor. I've lived here for nine years and the cats we've had died from old age; never from some coyote. I accepted it as a possibility but my cats wouldn't cross its path, that much I knew. 

A few days later I'm in the front once again, on the phone with my best friend Tara.

"Okay, tomorrow, promise? I can't wait any longer; the summer classes start in like, eight days." I run my hand through my hair as I glance at some of the kids walk to their houses from the bus stop. I used to talk to them also, but that was years ago. I grew up with independence while they grew with a nasty attitude. Sometimes you gotta' let people go. I see them quite often now since I'm no longer in high school.

"Yes, yes I promise! I've got all the info. Then afterwards we have our movie and pizza night!" She cheers, and for once I'm relieved we're not talking about some boy in her unbalanced love life.

"Alright, sounds like a plan." I smile even though she can't see. I'm feeling much more up to enjoying the moment again. However, I was on my energy pill on top of that. We hang up and then I see him: a young man in a beat up amber hoodie, no backpack and faded blue jeans. He spares a glance back but I can't make out his features. I assume he's one of TJ's friends, a boy I used to talk to who was a total drug-addict. He lives on another street that always wreaked of marijuana, but I would have seen this guy earlier through the years while I've been here. 

Our stare lasts a little too long so I'm the one who has to break away, putting my phone away in my pocket. When I look back for a second peak he's facing forward again; hands in his pockets. He passes the street Province Town, another no-outlet that's attached to my street, September. Now that's really odd. I know everyone at the end of my street... or at least I thought I had?
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Strangers Like Me (2)
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